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Niagara Region

NIAGARA & SURROUNDING AREAS TO INCLUDE: Fort Erie, Grimsby, Lincoln, Pelham, Port Colbourne, Niagara-on-the-Lake, St. Catharines

SEPTEMBER 28, 2022

Personal Lines Account Manager
Dependable, knowledgable & dedicated team player.
Excels in Personal Lines. Open to Commercial Lines roles as well.
ID#: p-22837
Goal: Personal Lines Account Manager. Also open to a Commercial Lines Account Manger role.
Systems: SIGXP, ARS, Blue Butler, Powerbroker
Years of experience: 7 years
Markets: Most markets.
Salary : $50-52K
Education: RIBO
Languages : English
Work Preference: In office or hybrid in Niagara. Remote if not in Niagara.
Location: Niagara Falls

Cristin Filipuzzi 289-233-4691

Experienced Senior Commercial Lines Producer /Account Manager looking for Part Time CSR position
Experienced tech savvy Commercial Lines Producer/Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the insurance industry for over 40 years as a Commercial Insurance Broker, Skilled in Negotiation, Professional Liability, Customer Service, Worked with D&O, E&O, long haul trucking, Garages, Farms, Contractors .
Has handled the full spectrum of risks from small biz to large and complex. Entrepreneurial mindset – thinks outside the box
Seeking Account Manager role with emphasis on service and some sales
Work Preference: REMOTE – PART TIME ONLY – 3 days per week
Location: Remote opportunity

Goal: Commercial Lines Account Manager
Systems: Proficient with Power Broker , Applied Rating, Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel.
Years of experience: over 40 years plus experience with a solid track record- all at the same Brokerage
Markets: All Major Markets
Salary : Seeking $45-50k , no benefits required
Education: RIBO can be reinstated with Sponsorship
Languages : English
RECRUITERS COMMENTS: Give her a desk – then walk away and relax. She’s got your back 🙂
Contact: Cindy Gowing 519-572-6095

RIBO Licensed Personal Lines Candidate
This candidate has over a year of experience working in a sales role handling all of the major markets. She is professional, hard working and ready to continue to grow as an insurance broker.
She is open to a sales or service role and would like to grow her skills and put down some roots.
Id: p-66101
Location: Niagara Falls
Education: RIBO, Business Diploma
Markets: All of the major markets
Systems: EPIC, ARs
Salary: $46,000
Contact: Sharif Sahebzada,, 647-766-1829

Highly detailed and personable Personal Lines Sales Broker.
Goal: To continue to work and grow in Personal Lines Sales.
Systems: Epic, ARS
Years of experience: 8 months
Markets: CAA, Echelon, Coachman, Aviva, Dominion, Pembridge, Economical
Salary : Looking for $50K base + commission.
Education: RIBO, BA
Languages : English, Spanish
Work Preference: Looking for in office, hybrid or remote.
Location: Niagara Falls

Cristin Filipuzzi 289-233-4691

SEPTEMBER 21, 2022

Excellent Transportation Candidate with 6 years of CL Experience
This candidate is friendly, hard working and ready to get to work. He handles CL Transportation accounts from Limousines and Garages to taxi fleets, delivery fleets and many different transportation accounts.
He is currently working as an Account Manager but is open to sales and underwriting roles. He is an excellent candidate with a good background of experience. Definitely someone worth speaking too.
Id: SSL3336962
Location: Stoney Creek
Preference: Hybrid/In office

Markets: All of the major markets
Salary: $68,000
Education: RIBO, BA
Contact: Sharif Sahebzada,, 647-766-1829

Supervisor Personal Lines, Call Center management experience…LEADERSHIP CANDIDATE!
Our candidate comes with maturity, professionalism and well-rounded experience. A diverse insurance career from P/L service roles, operational, trainer and progression to personal lines leadership for the past 5 years.
QUALITIES: Leads by example, Exceptional work ethic, Strong leadership, coaching, mentorship
Collaborative, Time management, Verbal and written communication, Advanced use of Microsoft Office & SharePoint
Our candidate is looking to broaden expertise across personal lines, operational administrative or commercial lines teams.
Down-to-earth and a great talent. Well versed in the industry, a real asset to your brokerage!
ID#: p-54395
Goal: Leadership/Management Personal Lines. Open to opportunities in brokerage operations management.
Location: Lives in Stoney Creek. Geographically open to Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Grimsby, Welland, Guelph. Looking for a hybrid role.
Years of experience: 9 years
Salary: Negotiable, 4 weeks vacation, Full Benefits
Education: CIP, FCIP (in progress), OTL – to transfer to RIBO, B.A. – Classical
Languages: English
Contact: Lorie Smith 905-320-9967

SEPTEMBER 15, 2022

Commercial Lines Marketer, Small to Mid Market, RIBO, CIP
Outstanding Candidate, experienced in a variety of risks from Small to Mid market. Able to leverage years of Senior Mid Market Underwriting Experience at the company level.
Collaborative, team player, works well on a fast paced team, strong underwriter, in depth knowledge of the markets and products.
Looking for an long term opportunity with a leading organization where she can contribute.
ID#: VIP000006670
Goal: Commercial Lines Marketer/Manager/In House UW
Niagara Region, Hamilton Region- seeking HYBRID OPPORTUNITIES
Systems: EPIC, TAM, Powerbroker, Word, Outlook, Excel,
Markets: Knows the Major Markets, Knows the MGAs
Years of experience: 20
Salary : $75-80K, 4 weeks vacation, Benefits
Education: RIBO, CIP licensed in Alberta, NB, NS.
Languages: English
Contact: Meredith Howell 647-766-1758

Friendly and well spoken PL TSR looking for a PL TSR/Junior CSR position.
Goal: To continue to work and grow in personal lines or commercial.
Systems: SIG
Years of experience: 6 months
Markets: Aviva, Wawanesa, Intact – Top 3
Salary : Looking for $40-45K
Education: Studying to get her RIBO. Once hired is willing to book the exam.
Languages : English, French
Work Preference: Comfortable working from home or from the office.
Location: Welland, Niagara, St.Catharines

Cristin Filipuzzi 289-233-4691

Dedicated personal lines underwriter looking to grow with a new brokerage.
Systems: Applied Epic, ARS, SIG XP
Years of experience: 3 years
Markets: Most markets.
Salary : Looking for $50K+
Education: RIBO
Languages : English
Work Preference: Looking for hybrid or remote.
Location: Niagara Falls, St.Catharines, Welland

Cristin Filipuzzi 289-233-4691

Commercial Lines Marketer, SME & IRCA
Outstanding Young Candidate, very likeable, positive attitude.
Works well on a faced paced team, strong underwriter, in depth knowledge of the markets and products he works with.
Looking for an long term opportunity with a leading organization where he can contribute to organizational growth and success.
ID#: P18877
Goal: Commercial Lines Marketer
Niagara Region, Hamilton Region, Burlington – HYBRID OPPORTUNITIES
Systems: SIG, Powerbroker, CQ/ARS, Policyworks, Word, Outlook Powerpoint, (familiar with Excel) tech savvy individual.
Markets: Knows the Major Markets well, Knows the MGAs
Portals: knows the majors portals.
Years of experience: 3 years insurance, 1 year CL
Salary : $55K plus TBD, 3 weeks vacation, Benefits
Education: RIBO, Pursuing CAIB, Accounting Diploma
Languages: English
Contact: Meredith Howell 647-766-1758


Excellent PL AM Candidate
This candidate has been in insurance for over 20 years and has handled of aspects from NB to renewals and remarkets. Professional, friendly person who enjoys servicing her candidates.
This candidate is looking for a brokerage in which she can service a book of business and really create relationships with her clients. Definitely someone you want to meet with.
She lives in the Windsor area and therefore would need a remote role.
Id: p-60721
Location: Windsor Region
Preference: Remote

Markets: All of the standard markets
Education: BA, CAIB and CIP
Systems: TAM, Compuquote
Salary: $60,000
Contact: Sharif Sahebzada,, 647-766-1829

AUGUST 31, 2022

Experienced Office Manager & Personal Lines Account Manager (VIP)
Enthusiastic, well-spoken Insurance Professional looking for opportunities in Team Lead and Leadership roles with some book of business to service.
Goal: Looking for a Team Lead/Leadership roles
Systems: TAM & Powerbroker
Years of experience: 6+
Markets: Most markets.
Salary : $80K plus commission and stock options
Education: RIBO Licensed, CAIB Designation, University Degree
Languages : English
Work Preference: Hybrid
Location: Welland, Niagara Falls, Hamilton (up to Mississauga)

Contact: Lexi Williams, (437) 234-3420

AUGUST 25, 2022

Personal Lines Account Manager looking for one of the following positions: Insurance Analytical Manager, Insurance Business Advisor, Insurance Analyst, PL Underwriter
Systems: SIG, Powerbroker
Years of experience: 4 years
Markets: Economical, Heartland, Echelon, Gore Mutual, Aviva, SGI, Pembridge, Pafco, Intact, Jefco, April Marine, Premier Marine
Salary : Looking for $60K +.
Education: RIBO, Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Bachelor Degree in Business Information System
Languages : English
Work Preference: Looking for full REMOTE with the possibility of coming into the office for meetings if in London.
Location: London
Cristin Filipuzzi 289-233-4691

JULY 21, 2022

Great candidate with truly diverse experience, from team lead on Professional lines – D&O, E&O, Environment, Cyber Programs, to SBU with a wide variety of accounts, he is a very capable and knowledgeable broker.
He handles the full cycle of the account from quoting and marketing, managing the relationships and retention, upselling and cross selling to grow the book organically.
He has a calm, confident demeanor, friendly relatable, your clients will like him.
He is looking to move into an opportunity to lead a team, opportunity to add value, to help with growth.
He wants to use his strengths, which he sees as cultivating relationships, technical skills and knowledge.
Great Candidate – You won’t want to miss.
Candidate ID#: VIP000006964
Location: Hamilton, Halton, Hybrid or WFH
Systems: EPIC, ARS, Velocity, MS Word, Excel, Outlook.
Years of experience: 12 plus
Areas of Expertise: Professional Liability, D&O, E&O, Some Environmental, Cyber, Programs, Mid Market, IBU Accounts.
Salary : $80-85K TBD, 4 Weeks, Benefits
Education: RIBO, CIP, CAIB, Business Management
Contact: Meredith Howell 647-766-1758

Outstanding PL Candidate 25 Years of experience.
This candidate has been working in insurance with one brokerage for 25 years. She is excellent and looking to find a role where she will be able to get to handle the full cycle.
She wants to work in a brokerage where she knows her clients. Not a call center.
This candidate lives in the Windsor area so she made need to work remotely however, she would be worth making that accommodation for! Definitely someone you want to speak with
ID#: p-58147
Preference: Office/Hybrid
Location: Essex.

Systems: SIG XP
Salary: $60K
Education: RIBO
Languages: English
Contact: Sharif Sahebzada 647-766-1829

JULY 6, 2022

Commercial Account Manager with CAIB, Small Biz, to Large & Complex.
Excellent candidate with 10 years of progressive commercial experience. She has a variety of experience working on accounts from Small Business, Mid Market to Large and Complex.
Professional yet friendly and relatable, your clients will like her. Able to explain the complexities, she will make an excellent addition to your team.
She is seeking a REMOTE position.
Great candidate. Let’s Talk.
ID#: p-47000
Preference: Remote
Location: Remote

Systems: EPIC, TAM, Powerbroker, SIG
Years of experience: 15 of insurance 8 of commercial
Areas of Expertise: Contracting, Municiplaities, Real Estate, Builders Risk.
Markets: The Major Markets and MGAs
Salary: $68K
Education: RIBO, CAIB
Languages: English
Contact: Sharif Sahebzada 647-766-1829

Experienced Personal Lines Licensed Account Manager with CAIB
Exceptional Candidate with a strong work history, diversification and taking on new tasks easily. Strong A player! She is looking for a Work from Home position.
As a professional broker, she manages clients from start to finish, offering a complete customer experience and satisfaction. Tech savvy- embraces best practice workflows and utilizes efficiencies.
Innovative thinker who enjoys variety in the mix, and she comes with solutions not problems. Offers mentorship, training for new staff and on new products using remote platforms.
Excellent interpersonal skills, hands on approach, loves life and passionate in all she does.
ID#: SSL3334136
Systems: EPIC, Applied Rating/ARS, Excel, Word, Outlook, Microsoft Team, Carrier Portals
Markets & Portals: Intact, Aviva, CAA, Echelon, Economical, Gore
Years of experience: 20 years
Salary: $64-68K, 4 weeks vacation, Benefits
Education: RIBO, CAIB
Languages: English
Contact: Cindy Gowing 519-572-6095

This enthusiastic candidate is packed with technical, product and managerial knowledge with proven results in operating a profitable, trusted, and client focused commercial department. Commercial underwriting, contracts, and industry policy wording knowledge is across a vast spectrum. From mid-size, large to complex accounts, this candidate is a born leader in the understanding, creating and reviewing manuscript wordings. With proven ability in sales and training new producers, a valuable candidate your organization can’t afford to pass by.
Always going the extra mile! Meets and exceeds on deliverables! As a team player, working strategically and collaboratively on corporate objectives that align to their overall success.
ID#: p-36433
Location: Etobicoke currently. Willing to relocate/move (ONTARIO). Hybrid & In-Office.
Goal: Commercial Manager, Senior Commercial Lines Account Manager. Focus on Construction Business, Environmental Programs, Garage Programs. Training on C/L programs. Brings along technical analytics experience to streamlining best practice workflows for the commercial team.
Education: RIBO, CIP, BA in Economics
Experience: Dynamic insurance professional with 25+ years of technical and account management, commercial lines.
Systems/Technology: CRM, Excel, strong technical skill set creating best practice commercial programs.
Language: English
Salary expectations: $110K + comm., 4 weeks vacation, Benefits
Comfortable in High Paced Environment.
Contact: Lorie Smith 905-320-9967,

PERSONAL LINES SALES BROKER Personable and highly motivated sales broker.
Goal: To continue to work in sales or underwriting. Would like to eventually get into Commercial.
Systems: Epic, ARS, SIG, Guidewire
Years of experience: 2 1/2 years
Markets: Main markets: Echelon, Economical, Dominion, Chieftain, Pembridge, Coachman, Aviva, Intact
Salary : Looking for $50K.
Education: RIBO, Certified Fitness Professional
Languages : English
Work Preference: Comfortable working from home or from the office
Location: St.Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Stoney Creek

Cristin Filipuzzi 289-233-4691

Senior Commercial Account Manager/Exec/Marketer
Wow. Candidates like this don’t come along every day.
Strong candidate with exceptional skills in sales, marketing, networking, relationship building and leadership. She can manage a book of business utilizing every opportunity to build and grow that book organically and thru referral generation.
Definitely a plus to add to your commercial lines team.
Don’t wait.
Systems: EPIC, TAM, Policyworks, ARS, Salesforce, MS Word, Excel, Outlook
Years of experience: 10 plus years
Areas of Expertise: Transportation, Fleets, IRCA, CGL, Comml Property, IBU, Builder’s Risk, Pre-Construction, Specialty….
Markets: The Major Markets
Salary : $75-85K plus commission or bonus, 4 weeks vacation, Benefits
Location: Hamilton, Halton, Grimsby.
Work Preference: Hybrid preferred

Education: RIBO, CAIB, BComm, BA- Business Admin, Computer Applications.
Languages: English, Multi-lingual.
Contact: Meredith Howell 647-766-1758 meredith@maryann

JUNE 30, 2022

RIBO Licensed CSR– Very much a people person, this candidate is confident in her work and ability to offer exceptional customer service.
SKILLS: Experienced in Time Management ; Exceptional organizational skills; Knowledge of top Insurer Portals; Comfortable working and supporting Producers
Current Role: Personal Lines CSR, interested in both Personal Lines CSR OR Commercial Lines TSR/Jr. OR CSR roles
Areas of Expertise: All Personal Lines Products
Candidate ID#: G00033321 Candidate Location Interests: Remote- Hybrid- In-Office – Lives in Toronto
Years of experience: 3yrs RIBO Licensed- 5yrs Customer Service
Education: RIBO
Languages: Multi-Lingual
Systems: Applied TAMS, Applied Rating(CQ), Guidewire
Candidate Salary: Range from: $58-60K

JUNE 22, 2022

OTL & RIBO licenced PL Service & Sales Representative seeking new opportunity either as PL Account Manager OR would also consider transition to Commercial Lines. Holds both OTL and RIBO .Ideally would like to join a Team in a larger Company to obtain more knowledge and growth potential
ID#: p- 50130
Work Preference: Office or WFH
Location: Hamilton Region – Hamilton , Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Burlington, Waterdown

Goal: P/L Service & Sales OR Commercial Lines. Looking for larger Company with more markets to utilize
Years of experience: 1 year with direct writers
Salary: seeking $50k plus commission, 3 weeks vacation, Benefits
Education: RIBO, OTL, Diploma in Business Insurance
Languages: English, Multi-lingual
Contact: 519-572-6095

JUNE 1, 2022

Pleasant and hard working Personal Lines Broker. She is looking for a Personal Lines TSR position.
Goal: To work remotely as a TSR.
Systems: TAM, Epic
Years of experience: 15 years as a broker.
Markets: Main markets: Aviva, CAA, Economical, Intact, Chieftan, Travelers, Gore Mutual, Common-well, Weston, Echelon
Salary : Looking for $43-45K.
Languages : English
Work Preference: REMOTE
Location: Live near Deer Lake, Ontario

Cristin Filipuzzi 289-233-4691

Friendly and well spoken. Her speciality is retention. Excellent in customer service. Experience in VIP.
ID#: p-VIP000007586
Goal: To continue to work as a PL CSR.
Systems: TAM
Years of experience: 20 years
Markets: Aviva, Pembridge, Intact, Echelon, Hagerty, Jefco, Pafco, Facility
Salary : Looking for $60K+
Education: RIBO, BA – Community Development – Algoma University, Social Service Worker – Northern College
Languages : English
Work Preference: Looking for full remote.
Location: Timmins

Cristin Filipuzzi 289-233-4691

MAY 26, 2022

Financial Analyst
This Financial Analyst is completely comfortable with the daily duties. Experience with Bank Reconciliations, Deposits & Disbursements, Journal Entries, Project Based Account Receivables & Reporting. This individual establishes great report with Account Executives and Account Managers with a common interest of collecting receivables within 30 days. They have pride in performing their duties with accuracy, confidentiality and discreetness. Current goals are to complete both their CPA & CFA. Here we have a highly professional and polished individual who is looking for a long-term position. Experienced with working with MGAs. Here we have the ideal individual to add to your team for the monitoring and control of your organization’s financial health during its growth.
ATTRIBUTES: Hard Working, Determined, Conscientious, Professional
ID#: G000333313
Goal: Financial Analyst
Systems: Applied Epic, Lineage, Policy works, Outlook, Word & Excel
Years of experience: 3Yrs
Education: Accounting Diploma, Interested in obtaining RIBO
Language(s): English
Work Preference: Remote OR Hybrid Preferred OR In-Office
Location: Toronto, ON

Salary: Let’s talk — The right fit of candidate to company matters— Range $52K-58K+
Contact: 1-844-IDREM4U(437-3648)😊

Personal Lines Account Manager/ Manager: A Broker whose passion for work includes skilled train-ing of staff in both Sales & Service. Meeting goals and targets individually and aiding in the success of other team members. While focused on client satisfaction this Broker has a wealth of industry knowledge to share with colleagues. As a take charge person, this Broker takes it upon themselves to find viable solutions within binding rules. Utilizes Major Portals within workflow. Audits team.
Attributes: Enjoys a challenge • Secure in Knowledge• Willingness to provide help• Passionate about the Industry
Current Role: Personal Lines Broker/Manager
Areas of Expertise: Personal Lines
Candidate ID#: G00033343
Candidate Location Interests: Remote (Lives in the Peel Region)
Education: 7years Experience, RIBO 2015, BA
Languages: English
Systems: Applied Epic & Tam & Applied Rating, SigXP & Microsoft Suite
Candidate Salary: Let’s talk — The right fit of candidate to company matters— Range $72K-75K

Need for an In-House Underwriter? – This Personal Lines/Commercial Lines Sales & Service expert is looking to utilize their skills in an underwriting position in which they can support other Brokers with their strong analytical and Underwriting skills in both Personal Lines & Commercial Lines. A professional who gains the respect of those who put their trust in him and oiling the gears with those he interacts with. The type of person who would be welcomed on any team as they are willing to share and mentor.
ID#: G00033311
Current Role: Personal Lines & Commercial Lines
Candidate Location Interests: Remote & Hybrid
Lives in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge region

Education: Valid RIBO License
Broker Management Systems: Powerbroker, Tams, CQ, Outlook, Excel, Word
Languages: Multi Lingual
Candidate Salary: Let’s talk — The right fit of candidate to company matters —$55K- 60K+
Candidate Asks & Availability: Personal Lines & Commercial Underwriting
Contact: 1-844-IDREM4U(437-3648)

Personal Lines CSR/Commercial Lines CSR
Meet a candidate that takes things in stride. Very much a team player focused on meeting her personal targets and the overall organizations goals. Interests include Personal Lines, Private Client and interested in utilizing those transferable skills in Commercial Lines. This candidate is comfortable in both smaller or larger organizations and brings a positive attitude to get the job done. A must for you to interview.
Attributes: Motivated ,Oriented in NBS Sales & Service, Works well with Producers, Understands sensitivity in dealing with Private Wealth Clients/Commercial Clients
Candidate ID#: G00033341
Goal: Personal Lines CSR OR Private Client OR Commercial Lines CSR
Location: London, ON – Work Preference: Remote OR Hybrid OR In-Office
Systems: Applied Epic, Applied TAM, Applied Rating Services, Major Portals, Word, Outlook & Excel
Years of experience: 5yrs
Education: RIBO
Language(s): English
Candidate Salary: Let’s talk — The right fit of candidate to company matters– Range $65K-72K
Contact: 1-844-IDREM4U(437-3648)

MAY 11, 2022

Commercial Account Manager– A professional who is focused on traditional underwriting and account management. Focused on the customer experience and promoting a good work environment, Broker is described as a “People Person”. Loving to help in any way possible to the benefit of the Client & Brokerage.
Attributes: Amazing Work Ethics ; Priority Setter ; Understand Commercial Products
Current Role: Commercial Lines Account Manager
Areas of Expertise: Commercial Auto- IRCA, Fleet, Garage Auto, CMP, Wrap- Up, Surety, Environmental Liability, Bonds, Professional Liability (D&O & E&O), Transportation, Contractors, etc.
Candidate ID#: G00033330
Candidate Location Interests: Hybrid or In-Office
Location: Lives in Ottawa Region

Years of experience: 15yrs +
Education: RIBO
Languages: English
Systems: Applied EPIC, Applied TAM, Policy Works, Power Broker, Microsoft Suite
Salary: Let’s talk — The right fit of candidate to company matters — Range from: $80K+
Contact: 1-844-IDREM4U(437-3648)

Current Role: Personal Lines Account Manager
This candidate is empathetic to the needs of clients. With her strong background in Personal Lines related knowledge she is sure to be an asset in her new placement. With the goal of servicing clients’ needs first, creating a connection and increasing retention, any brokerage will benefit through this hire. A great team player with supervisory experience willing to help out fellow employees, bring them up to speed and help however necessary for the good of the unit.
Skills: Self-Reliant, Self-Disciplined, Excellent Organizational Skills
ID#: G00033336
Candidate Location Interests: Remote – Lives in Barrie, Ontario
Education: Valid RIBO License
Broker Management Systems: Powerbroker, Tams, Outlook, Excel, Word, Various Insurer Portals
Languages: English
Candidate Salary: Let’s talk — The right fit of candidate to company matters — Range from: $60-65K
Candidate Asks & Availability: 4wks vacation
Contact: Angela David 1-844-IDREM4U(437-3648)

APRIL 27, 2022

Rockstar CAIB RIBO Candidate with HNW Experience
Introduction: This candidate is exceptional and someone you want on your team! She has 5 years of experience handling high net worth clients and really enjoys it.
She has been in insurance for over 9 years and is looking for an opportunity where she will be able to potentially grow within the company.
She has worked with all of the major insurance markets and all of the major high net worth markets including Aviva Ovation, Intact Prestige, Chubb.
This candidate is looking for something where she can work remotely as that is where she thrives. She is definitely someone you want to have on your team!
Id: VIP000004877
Location: Hamilton, Remote
Education: CAIB, RIBO, CIP in progress
Salary: $73,000
Contact: Sharif Sahebzada,, 647-766-1829

Commercial Lines CSR This candidate is going places. Highly professional with the business acumen to win clients over. High preforming. Licensed in ALL Provinces. Areas of expertise: General Liability, Builder’s Risks (COC), Pollution. Experienced in Small to Medium Industries, Sole Proprietors & Corporations & Major Markets. Understands the demands of working with Trades Persons/Contractors and the fast-paced turnaround needed to place coverage. Newer to the Industry but already received promotions based on personality and skills, this candidate is going places. Interview now and see how he will add to your winning team.
• Hard Working (to a fault) Meets Quotas Documentation Rich/Detail Oriented
• Quick Learner/Puts new procedures into practice
Candidate ID#: G00033347
Goal: Commercial Lines CSR
Location: Mississauga, ON – Work Preference: Remote OR Hybrid Preferred
Systems: Applied Epic, Applied TAM, Applied Rating Services, Major Portals, Word, Outlook & Excel
Years of experience: 1yr Insurance- 4yrs Customer Service
Education: RIBO, BA Honors
Language(s): English
Candidate Salary: Let’s talk — The right fit of candidate to company matters— Range $65K- $70K+
Contact: 1-844-IDREM4U(437-3648)

Goal: To work with a reputable brokerage with a Claims position.
Systems: TAM
Years of experience: 27 years
Markets: Most markets.
Salary : Going rate.
Education: RIBO, Skilled Trade Certificate in Insurance, Skilled Trade Certificate in Loss Prevention, Skilled Trade Certificate in Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker, Skilled Trade Certificate in Designated Individual Insurance
Languages : English
Work Preference: Comfortable working from home or from the office.
Location: Toronto (Would be willing to relocate.)

Cristin Filipuzzi 289-233-4691

Years of experience: 3 years as Sales Broker
Markets: Most markets.
Education: BA, RIBO, CompTIA A+
Salary: Looking for $40K plus good commission.
Languages : English
Work Preference: Looking for full remote or hybrid
Location: Waterloo.

Cristin Filipuzzi 289-233-4691

Personable and upbeat candidate with 8 years of small business experience with 1 brokerage.
Goal: Looking for CL Account Manger or Account Excecutive position in which she can work remotely.
Systems: Epic, TAM (1 year)
Years of experience: 8 years
Markets: Most markets.
Salary : Looking for $70-80K.
Education: RIBO, Humber College – Fashion Diploma
Languages : English
Work Preference: Looking for REMOTE.
Location: Tottenham
Cristin Filipuzzi 289-233-4691

Excellent personable and well spoken Personal Lines Sales Broker. Strong suits are with client con-nections, underwriting and coaching.
Goal: To continue to work and grow in personal lines or commercial sales or underwriting.
Systems: Pivotal
Years of experience: 7 years with one company.
Markets: Most markets.
Salary : Looking for $50K+ commission.
Education: RIBO, Also licensed to sell in Alberta, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Family & Social Relations Languages : English
Work Preference: Looking for full REMOTE.
Location: Windsor

Cristin Filipuzzi 289-233-4691

Demonstrates responsibility, ownership, initiative, customer service and ethics. Recruit, and hired qualified candidates to fill open positions. Continual training programs to enhance employee knowledge of best practices, and the companies changing underwriting appetite. Has an outstanding history of longevity with the same brokerage.
Goal: To work as a PL Supervisor or PL Account Manager in Barrie or REMOTE.
Systems: Powerbroker
Years of experience: 19
Markets: Most markets.
Salary : Looking for mid-70’s.
Education: RIBO, BA, CAIB
Languages : English
Work Preference: Comfortable working from the office in Barrie or REMOTE.
Location: Barrie
Cristin Filipuzzi 289-233-4691

Dynamic young man looking for position in HR/Benefits or would consider entry level position in an Insurance Brokerage. He has just completed his Bachelor of Business Administration – Human Resources and looking to make his mark!
He is a pleasure to speak with!
GOAL: To pursue a career in the either HR or in the insurance industry – would consider RIBO in the future
Client ID – P47191
LOCATION: Resides in Niagara – Open to Niagara Region, Halton, Peel, Hamilton and Toronto,
COMPUTER: Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
SALARY EXPECTIONS – $40K plus benefits , vacation
EDUCATION – Bachelor of Business Admin – Human Resources
WORK PREFERENCE: Hybrid or in office
LANGUAGES: English, Hindi, Punjabi
CONTACT: Cindy Gowing – 519-572-6095

APRIL 21, 2022

Commercial Lines Account Manager: A Broker passionate all about working in a team environment, yet self-reliant and self-directed. Hard working/High spirited individual with confidence in their work ability. Enjoys a high paced environment and team unity. Respects management and a caring environment.
Current Role: Commercial Lines
Areas of Expertise: Commercial Lines-IRCA, Quote/Bind, Major Portals, Portfolio Transfers
Candidate ID#: G00033303
Candidate Location Interests: Remote, Hybrid- 2 days in office (Lives in Newmarket)
Education: 5+years Comm Experience, RIBO 2021
Languages: English
Systems: Powerbroker, Guidewire & Microsoft Suite
Candidate Salary: Let’s talk — The right fit of candidate to company matters— Range $75K

APRIL 6, 2022

Systems: EPIC, TAM, Powerbroker
Years of experience: 3 years
Markets: Most markets.
Salary : Looking for $45K+.
Education: CIP – Underwriting, Business Insurance Course – Mohawk College, Willing to obtain RIBO again
Languages : English
Work Preference: Comfortable working from home or from the office.
Location: Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville
Cristin Filipuzzi 289-233-4691

MARCH 30, 2022

Service Team Lead
Goal: She is looking for a new skill set in improving the brokerage’s efficiency and or coaching and development for brokers lives.
Systems: EPIC, Applied Rating System, SigXP.
Years of experience: 6 years
Markets: Aviva, Apollo, CAA, Travelers (Chieftain and Dominion), Coachman, Echelon, Economical, Pembridge, Gore, PAFCO, SGI, Wawanesa and Zenith
Salary : She is currently making $68.5K
Education: RIBO, BA, CIP- 5 out of 10 courses completed to date
Languages : English
Work preference: Comfortable working from home or in the office.
Location: Grimsby, Hamilton, Niagara, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, Guelph
Cristin Filipuzzi 289-233-4691

MARCH 24, 2022

Commercial Lines Account Manager
This experienced Insurance Professional has done it all from Marketing, Cross Sales, Up Sales, Programming and Account Managing. My candidate has over 12 years’ experience in Commercial Lines and is looking to be challenged in her next adventure. Motivated and confident in handling anything that comes her way.
She has been responsible in all aspects of managing and maintaining accounts of all different types of markets- Auto, Liability , strong in CL property – Student rentals, Real Estate, Builders Risk, Fleet, Transportation, E & O, D &O – some Bonding but not a much experience in this area
ID# P-7426
MARKETS: All major markets
GOAL: To continue her education and grow professionally in her career. Looking for new challenge
LOCATION: Kingston and the surrounding areas (Open to Hybrid or Remote position )
COMPUTER: Power Broker, Agency Manager, Outlook
CURRENT SALARY seeking $60-$65k including benefits, 3-4 weeks vacation
EDUCATION : RIBO, 1 CIP course, Business Program Diploma
RECRUITER’S COMMENT: Awesome and energetic individual. This candidate is one not to miss!
CONTACT: Cindy Gowing 519-572-6095

MARCH 16, 2022

Experienced RIBO Licensed Sales Professional
Introduction: This candidate made $1.5 million in sales in 2021. She finds leads and receives leads from her brokerage. This candidate is looking for a position where she can work remotely.
If you are looking for an excellent sales broker who knows how to sell she would make a great addition to your team.
This candidate is looking for a base salary of $50,000 plus commission. She speaks English and Hindi and understands a bit of Punjabi.
ID: p-45574
Location: Brampton, REMOTE
Systems: Powerbroker
Salary: $50,000
Contact: Sharif Sahebzada,, 647-766-1829

Outstanding CAIB Commercial Account Manager Candidate
Introduction: This candidate knows insurance! She has a ton of experience and would be an asset to any team she joins. She has experience with both personal and commercial and has been in commercial since 2015. She focuses primarily on small businesses with premiums less than $25K.
This candidate has her CAIB designation and works hard at what she does. She works with many different industries including small construction, janitorial services, D&O, E&O, security services, cleaning companies etc.
This candidate is most productive working from home and is someone that you will want to make that accommodation for. She is a fantastic candidate that you need to meet!
Id: p-45937
Location: Barrie Region, REMOTE ONLY
Education: RIBO, CAIB
Systems: EPIC, TAM
Salary: $70,000
Contact: Sharif Sahebzada,, 647-766-1829

RIBO Licensed Sales Candidate
A driven and ambitious professional. She is very well spoken.
With a background in hospitality – she brings exceptional people skills, and is looking for a role in a traditional broker setting where she can build relationships.
She has a great attitude and with the right mentorship I think she could become a great asset to any company.
Candidate ID#: p-33808
Location: Niagara Falls, Remote
Systems: EPIC and ARS
Markets: Penbridge, Scottish and York, Wawanesea, Echelon, SGI, Dominion
Salary : $45,000 base plus commission
Education: College Diploma and Post Graduate Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management
Languages : English, Hindi
Contact: Sharif Sahebzada 647-766-1829

Excellent RIBO Licensed Sales Broker
Introduction: This candidate is motivated, hardworking and loves sales! She has over a year of insurance experience and is looking for a remote opportunity where she can make sales!
This candidate knows how to close and is ready to bring her skills to a new brokerage. She is friendly, well spoken and someone you want your customers speaking to.
This candidate is looking for a fully remote position. Definitely someone you need to meet with!
Id: p-45343
Location: Niagara, Remote
Systems: EPIC, ARS
Markets: All of the major markets and more
Salary: $50,000 plus commission
Contact: Sharif Sahebzada, 647-766-1829

Goal: To work as an underwriter.
Systems: SIG-XP, Applied Rating, TAM, Epic (a little)
Years of experience: 1 year in Underwriting, 2 years & 3 months as an Account Manager
Markets: Aviva, Intact, Northbridge, Economical, Echelon, RSA, Jefco, Unica, Travellers
Salary : Looking for $50-55K
Education: RIBO, Diploma of Distinction in Insurance – Insurance Specialist triOs College, Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology/Social Work – Stratford University
Languages : English
Work Preference: Hybrid or Remote
Location: Oshawa

Cristin Filipuzzi 289-233-4691

Personal Lines Sales/CSR Professional looking for 100% REMOTE
ID#: p-32639
Goal: Inside Sales/CSR roles
Work Preference: Full Remote
Systems: Power Broker, Tech Savvy, Proficient in Microsoft
Years of experience: Over 3 years (Brokerage), over 9 yrs Customer Service
Markets: All Industries Companies and has Portal Knowledge
Salary : $50K plus Commission
Education: RIBO Licensed and Level 1 (Western Region), College Diploma, Pursuing LLQP license
Languages : English
Contact: Lexi Williams, (437) 234-3420


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