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Linda Kirshak

 Insurance Career Matchmaker

Office:   416-744-4044

Cell:       416-525-1798

Linda embraces life and has lived many of them so to speak…

Linda has  enjoyed phenomenal success in sales for over 30 years including car sales, corporate travel sales, and many years with a computer services company.   She has personally sponsored and coached several hundred people to success.

Linda is a great listener,exudes confidence, she is focused,  a relationship builder, and reliable.  She has always worked in the “people business” and deals with a variety of different people on a daily basis

She is  part salesman, career counselor, consultant, adviser, fact finder, archaeologist, and “shrink.”  She is balanced in her advice. She presents both sides of the story, asks candidates and clients a multitude of questions geared directly toward their professional needs and wants, and works to build relationships based on trust  This is something that takes time and commitment.  Linda works with a sense of urgency.

Linda has a favorite quote to share with all of us:

‘Sometimes on the way to a dream job you get lost and find a better one”

Building Tip:

Remember that everyone is significant in your journey; always be sincere and come from a heart of service; be tenacious and never ever give up!