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Leisa Dakari

I’m focused on building partnerships and meeting both internal and external. No matter what the nature of work, I perform my duties and tasks with utmost dedication. Also, I’m always eager to connect with and learn from other professionals in the company and industry.

Human Resources Personnel |Operations Manager | HR Administrator | Educator| Certified Projector Manager

An aspiring HR professional and project manager, I have experiences in human resources administration, restaurant service, retail & operation management, and education

• Bachelor of Education, Post graduate Diploma in Project Management and Human Resources Management from Centennial College
• More than 5 years’ experience implementing and managing human resources functions such as recruitment and selection, on-boarding and training
• Collaborative team player and proven ability to work independently in order to achieve business goals
• Highly skilled in Microsoft Office – Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook; proficient in SAP
• Implements policies to retain valuable staff to reduce acquisition and training time and increase productivity
• Facilitator at high impact training sessions to encourage effective employees