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JOB-BORN a Canadian recruiting firm has created a site for Independent recruiters for Canada .  You would attain great value from joining our group if you:

  • Do not have a data base or an applicant tracking system of any kind
  • Do not have a web site nor are connected to any recruiting firm.
  • Enjoy running your own business, keeping your own identity and company name
  • Do not have a web site to post your job orders

We are recruiting recruiter-entrepreneurs who want to own their own recruiting firm, to join our network . You can learn more about us by visiting our web sit at 

Our partner recruiters are completely independent recruiters who own their own book of business, and are free to sell or leave the network at any time.

We are NOT just a banner offering a common name and program access. We provide a completely turnkey solution wherein the partner recruiter concentrates all their energies speaking with clients and candidates, and the network provides all the administrative, technology and accounting infrastructure. We are completely paper-free and our partners never see any physical paper. If you know of anyone who wants to become part of this cutting edge network, please forward our name to him or her – or refer that individual to us.

Your independent recruiting experience starts here.

  • At JOB-BORN the future is about ‘making our industry greater‘.
  • The years ahead belongs to those who have the will power and dedication to head off in new directions.
  • It belongs to the entrepreneur.
  • It belongs to YOU.

The recruiting industry is one that rewards the strong minded. At JOB-BORN we reward that drive even more. Our team members were ambitious and in search of flexibility and independence. But they also wanted to continue being part of a team.  They wanted to find an opportunity to work towards bigger revenue and financial freedom.

Each and every member at JOB-BORN had the urge to start their own recruiting firm – sick of the politics, back stabbing and micromanagement in typical recruiting firms. That is why they came to JOB-BORN

At JOB-BORN, we combine the power of a large recruiting firm with the benefits of being an entrepreneur. This means no financial ceiling, no micromanagement, and total flexibility. We do this by giving our members all the back office capabilities of a large recruiting firm and an always growing network of colleagues to collaborate on deals with. Governed by rock solid values, JOB-BORN empowers our members to define their own success – but do it in a team environment totally independent of each other.

Become a part of our GROUP of Affiliate Recruiters

  • Web site presence
  • Use your own business email and company name
  • Tap into the expertise, candidate sourcing, and client connections of hundreds of the top recruiting firms across the country.
  • Brainstorm with other independent recruiters
  • Tap into the expertise, candidate sourcing, and client connections of hundreds of the top recruiting firms across the country.
  • Applicant Tracking System including full training
  • Market your open positions to your candidate base
  • Market candidates to your client base
  • Paperless environment
  • Post unlimited job orders
  • Mass email capabilities
  • Share jobs on social media sites
  • Receive Candidate resumes on line
  • Free technical support and training
  • Back Office Invoicing Support

Learn from Expert Recruiter Coaches and Make More Placements

  • Through our affiliations with leading industry trainers and speakers, we offer FREE Recruiter Training Webinars every month. These recruiting webinars touch upon a variety of recruiter-related topics, dealing with both candidates and clients. As always, our goal with these recruiter webinars is to help our affiliate independent recruiters make more placements.

Several training topics out of hundreds

  • Upgrade Your Job Postings to Stand Out in Social Media
  • How You Can Master Recruiter Marketing Wizardry
  • Over 20 Ways to Find Star Candidates for FREE
  • Beating Counteroffers: Your Deadliest Trap
  • Social Media Techniques for Busy Recruiters
  • Establishing Influence with Today’s Candidates
  • Best Practices of Candidate Marketing


Mary Ann Warriner, President, CPC