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Cristin Filipuzzi


With over 10 years of sales, marketing and customer service experience, Cristin will help you every step of the way. She is fully invested in finding you the right fit. She will focus in on your strengths and allow those to shine so that you can be seen for all your best qualities. Helping people is what she does, and she is ready and excited to help you find your perfect fit. She has the drive and the passion to make sure that she finds the right career for you and will accept nothing less.

Cristin is inspiring, empowering and diligent lady who brings forth a high level of understanding, compassion, and active listening to help put forth the perfect avenue to success for you.
She believes that if you are truly passionate and happy about what it is that you do, you will be driven to work harder and to succeed with abundance. She promises to give you her all. Your success is her success.