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Bryce Lawson

Versatile, enthusiastic and confident individual with over 8 years experience in the insurance industry in Customer Service and new business management. Bryce has a passion for achieving client satisfaction. He is skilled in sales, customer relationship management and business development. He has a thirst for new knowledge.  He thrives and works well in pressured situations and is always up for a challenge. His strongest qualities are his dedication to a task and his competitiveness.  He is focused on building partnerships and meeting both internal and external. No matter what the nature of work, he performs his duties and tasks with utmost dedication. Also, he is always eager to connect with and learn from other professionals in the company and industry.

“Working with people and really adding value to their lives, the variety of work involved on a daily basis and the knowledge that you get out what you put in – the ability to be successful and to be rewarded well for that.” is why …. I LOVE this job