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Level 2 & 3 (or RIBO 2 & 3) Course Bundle

Did you know? says that an insurance broker at the managerial level can make upwards of $83,353/yr.  A Level 3 License allows you to manage or even run your own insurance brokerage.

Who needs this course?

This course prepares you for CAIB 2, CAIB 3 & CAIB 4 exams across Canada, your Level 2 & 3 license in BC, SK, MB, NB, NS, PEI, NF and the RIBO 2 & 3 (Unrestricted Technical & Management) exams in ON

These CAIB 2, CAIB 3 & CAIB 4 courses helps you get licensed even if you have:

  • No experience
  • No time
  • English isn’t your first language
  • You are “bad” at studying

Get your Level 2 & 3 license quickly without having to struggle with HUGE textbooks or pay for expensive classes.

With some of the best student feedback in the industry and over 8000 enrollments, our condensed Level 2 & 3 Licensing package will give you everything you need to pass ALL THREE EXAMS.

Get your Level 2 & 3 license in just 3 months time saving you months of study time and stress.

“PNC Learning is a great learning tool.  It is well organized and laid out and really expedites the time required to learn the material.  Jack is very quick to respond to any questions.  I was able to pass my first 3 CAIB exams in a very short time.  I would recommend PNCL to anyone taking the CAIB’s”

– Clayton Canart, Manitoba

(Courses Taken: CAIB 1, 2, 3 & 4)

“The CAIB 3 exam went well, your resources were very helpful. There wasn’t really any question I couldn’t answer. I honestly found studying for the CAIB 3 with your voice commentary and then your notes very helpful. The exams helped to prepare for how they word the exam questions, which was super helpful as well. The long exam that you gave me basically had questions written in exam style so it proved to be a great study tool.”

– Jackie C, Ontario

(Course Taken: CAIB 3 & 4)


  • Downloadable CAIB 2, CAIB 3 & CAIB 4 Textbook (~52 pages each): each easy-to-use set of notes have exactly what you need to pass the CAIB* 2, 3 & 4 exams with ZERO jargon
  • Online Lectures: multi-media lectures with detailed examples and explanations to help you understand difficult concepts
  • Glossary of Key Terms: get the key terms and definitions explained in a simple way
  • Study Anywhere 24/7: on-the-go on computer, phone, tablet or print things out
  • Instant Access: get instant access to all of the study material online

  • Study & Exam Tips: save time by studying efficiently and learn the tips you need to pass the exam on the first try
  • ~2000 Practice Questions, Chapter Quizzes & Mock Exams: test yourself, get instant feedback on your progress and face the exam with confidence
  • Personal Course Tutor: don’t study alone, get instant one-on-one help from a licensed instructor by phone or online using our built-in live-chat app
  • 24 Months Access: it should only take 3 months but we give you 24 months
  • Guaranteed Pass: didn’t pass the first time?  Come back and study for free until you do
  • Career Advice & Ongoing Mentorship
  • Income Tax Receipt (if applicable)
  • Free Updates: you get the latest updates as they’re released (applied automatically)



I took your courses and passed 3 exams in 4 weeks!  I was listening to your lectures repeatedly on mobile and they were so easy to remember. You explain things very well and your notes really distilled all the info in so few pages. Thank you for making my certification process so short and easy.

– Rocky G, CAIB (The Co-operators)

(Courses Taken: Fundamentals, CAIB 1, CAIB 2, CAIB 3, & CAIB 4)

“WOW! The CAIB 4 course was so easy to follow and understand. Jacques explained the concepts in a way that I could understand and retain! I found my mind wandering and even dozing off while studying other methods/materials, but Jacques method helped me to understand what I was learning, which kept me interested! The acronyms he gives to help remember key points really helped me in my long answer questions on the exam. I was able to remember and use those acronyms, and feel CONFIDENT in my answers! ”

– Olivia S (HUB International), British Columbia

“Got 90% in CAIB 2 because of Jack’s course. His material was great because he cuts out useless information & highlights key concepts. I had all the info I needed. He is also easily available to answer questions by text or phone. If you put in the effort, he will support your success.”

– Julian B

(Courses Taken: CAIB 2 & 3)

Your notes were articulate, to the point and helped immensely to clear the first CAIB exam.  One day of focused and dedicated study was enough.  Jack – even on a Sunday was online to help out!!  So happy to have a mentor like him.

– Sanjay G, Surrey BC

(Courses Taken: CAIB 1, 2 & 3)

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Level 2 & 3 (or RIBO 2 & 3) Course Bundle includes these courses

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CAIB 3 Course

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CAIB 2 Course

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