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RIBO 1, RIBO 2 Technical, and RIBO 3 Management courses

The instructor-led online RIBO 1, RIBO 2 Technical, and RIBO 3 Management courses prepares you for the RIBO** Level 1, 2 & 3 exams in Ontario

Why insurance?

Whether you want to sell home, auto or business insurance, this is a great industry to make a career in – you’re helping protect people from financial ruin, it’s recession proof and its relatively high paying. says that most insurance branch managers in Ontario earn a salary upwards of $60,000/yr.

But the first step is to pass the RIBO 1 exam.

Who needs these RIBO 1, RIBO 2 , and RIBO 3 courses? 

This course helps you get licensed even if you have:

  • No experience
  • No time
  • English isn’t your first language
  • You are “bad” at studying

If you want to be an insurance agent but are struggling to study the complex legal theories and other concepts, or don’t have time to go through the HUGE and expensive textbook on your own, but can’t take a week off  work to pay $1000 for immersion classes.

With some of the best student reviews in the industry and over 8000 enrollments, our Ontario Level 1, 2 & 3 Licensing Package gives you what you need to pass the RIBO 1, RIBO 2 (Technical), and RIBO 3 (Mangement) exams.

Earn your license and start your insurance career in just 3 weeks saving you months of study time and stress.