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We recognize that you have choices when it comes to recruiting firms.

What makes JOB-BORN’s Group of Independent recruiter’s different?

It is their focus on two things: people and results.

If you’re looking for

  • A CAREER, our recruiters are  looking for exceptional people and we invite you contact one of our recruiters in your area of expertise.
  • TALENT, we invite you to put our independent recruiters to work for you!

Since 1984 our independent recruiters have  helped companies find the superstar talent they need to stay as competitive as possible, and they have helped candidates enhance their career by matching their talents with the top companies in their field.

Each independent recruiter is committed to offering a high level of service and satisfaction through the continued building of relationships with both companies and candidates. These relationships allow them to provide more targeted solutions and better opportunities, and they also ensure that they stay constantly in touch with the needs of the people they serve.

Our recruiters ARE Independent Recruiting Professionals who understand your needs.

At JOB-BORN Solutions our specialty is putting people together.

Before we go further, let us tell you what successes our Recruiters have had–in the real world. For years, each recruiter has helped more people find jobs in their area of expertise  than any of their competitors. And their clients are so thrilled with their services, that they contact them time and time again. This level of customer satisfaction is unheard of!

They work with the largest network of companies in their sector which gives them a powerful hiring advantage, which is why they have been so successful

  • They know their business and its idiosyncrasies.
  • Their pool of candidates is extensive and referrals are endless.
  • These candidates have worked with their extensively over the years and remain in contact.
  • Although some have found opportunities and are not actively pounding the pavement, they stay abreast of positions as they surface and forward job postings to their co-workers and friends.
  • They are a part of their networking partners and receive job postings daily.
  • They attract thousands of visitors to our website. Their placement service has helped many candidates and employers find each other.

If you’re someone who’s serious about finding employees, in the least amount of time, then let them help you get started.

The one thing you should know “about each recruiter ” is that their number-one priority is helping you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a job seeker or a hiring manager—they have the experience, the expertise, and the resources to provide you with the solutions you’re seeking.