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Heather Bartley

Resourcing/Recruitment Advisor

Head Office  519-502-9607

It’s no secret communication is key to successfully doing this job.  Heather has spent years working together and supporting co-workers improving morale with camaraderie and teamwork.  She evaluates what is happening, assesses the situation and determines the correct strategy towards a viable resolution.

  • Why not work as hard as we can, as best as we can?
  • Why not fight for what is right and for what we believe in?
  • Why not fight the contagiousness of negativity and lead by example using positivity?
  • Why not work hard and be proud of being the type of leader we signed up to be?

This is what separates Heather from mediocrity and keeps things fresh in her task-oriented world.  She will not quit until she has found what you are looking for.