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Debra Keaney


After working hands-on in the industry for 28 years, Debra “changed hats” and now focuses her extensive insurance knowledge in the field of recruiting.

Debra’s specialization in the insurance industry gives her an unmatched understanding of insurance brokerages organizations and position requirements. This expertise allows her to quickly recognize client/candidate matches and help her clients select the candidate that best complements their goals.

She will be able to share her expertise and in-depth market research; provide meaningful industry data benchmarking effective strategies for attracting high caliber candidates; offer best practices on compensation, and address other pressing insurance recruitment challenges and issues.

Her marketplace longevity, expertise, and reputation of integrity has positioned her as a leader in the insurance recruiter community. This credibility has allowed her to build a network of high caliber insurance professionals

Debra believes the key to a successful recruiting relationship is trust. Her commitment to acquiring the right talent for her clients is what sets her apart.  In fact, she only accepts assignments for which she feels she can be successful.